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    Ridgeline FS 27.5-140

    With split pivot rear suspension, this bike carves single track with steady/efficient handling and absorbs the challenges of any trail you choose to ride. Built with a 3V/2.5AL aerospace grade titanium tubeset, maximizing the bikes strength without sacrificing in the weight department.


    Ridgeline FS 27.5-165

    A titanium entry into the world of Enduro riding. The 27.5 with 160 mm of travel is incredibly capable on steep and rough decents, but the geomety allows a surprisingly effecient pedaling position. Designed specifically for 1X systems, this bike allows for the widest range of use with as compact a setup as possible for a bike in this category.


    Ridgeline FS 29-120

    The Lynskey Ridgeline FS 29-120 employs a split pivot (four bar) style rear end to deliver the best of both worlds – hardtail-like power to the pedals and crisp steering response AND the ability to absorb all types of terrain keeping rubber down, rider in control and the fun meter up to 11.




    Ridgeline FS 29-140

    The Lynskey Ridgeline FS 29-140 is stable, light weight and crazy strong. Built with full 3V/2.5A tubing that maximizies strength, without sacrificing weight limits. Fast and comfortable on any terrain, at any speed. This ride perfect for technical trails, with fast descents and crazy tight switchbacks.

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