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    To Obtain Warranty Service:

    Consumer claims for warranty service must be made using Lynskey Performance Return Authorization claim forms. Any postage, insurance, or shipping costs incurred in sending your frame for service are your responsibility. This includes return shipping. Lynskey Performance will not be responsible for frames lost or damaged in shipping. You are responsible for the cost of removing ALL parts and components including headset and bottom bracket bearings before your frame is shipped to Lynskey Performance for warranty examination and or possible repair.

    Warranty Determination:

    1. Fill out this Return Authorization Request and submit to us. 
    2. We will contact you to request digital photos of the damaged areas and the entire bike with all components still attached to it. We encourage that you send digital photos of the frame and all damage before stripping the bike down to ensure that the frame is (1) warrantable and (2) repairable. 
    3. You will also need to email, mail or fax us a legible copy of the your original proof of purchase showing the (1) date purchased, (2) frame serial number, (3) retailer name and (4) your name and or address. 
    4. Once the foregoing is completed, we will determine whether or not the frame is (1) warrantable and (2) repairable using only photos you send. If we cannot you will need to strip the frame down and send it into us using track-
      able shipping (such as FedEx or UPS). 
    5. Once we make a decision on the warranty we will advise you via phone or email. If not warrantable we will advise on non-warranty options. If not repairable we will advise of options in that case as well. 
    6. If the frame is both covered under warranty and repairable you will be issued a return authorization number. DO NOT send in a frame without that number plainly written on the outside of the frame box, as that is the way the frame is tracked. RA numbers may also be issued in some cases where the bike must be inspected personally. Issuance of an RA number does not imply the frame is covered under warranty or repairable unless we indicate that in a written communication to you. 

    Only Lynskey Performance may determine if a frame is warrantable. If the frame is not covered under warranty, all replacement, repair, and shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Lynskey Performance will make the final decision on whether or not shipping charges will be charged for the shipping of the repaired or replacement frame.

    At no time may any retailer or distributor make representations of what is covered or not covered under this warranty without express written permission from Lynskey Performance. Should a retailer or distributor replace a frame before consulting Lynskey Performance, it is at the sole discretion of the retailer or distributor and they may not be reimbursed by Lynskey Performance.

    Warranty Exclusions:

    This warranty does not cover the following:

    Frames that have been modified, neglected or poorly maintained, used for commercial purposes, misused or abused or involved in accidents. It is your responsibility to regularly examine the frame to determine the need for normal service or replacement.

    Damage occurring during shipment of the frames (such claims must be presented directly to the shipper).

    Products that are covered by another seller or manufacturer’s warranty; this Lynskey Performance warranty does not extend, modify or replace any other warranty. Parts made by other manufacturers will be covered by the warranties of the respective manufacturers, please address your claim to them. (Suspension forks and rear suspension units, are warranted only by the manufacturer of the item).

    Frames whose serial number or other identifying marks have been altered, defaced, removed or are otherwise unreadable.

    Frames that are purchased used, or in not-new condition.

    Damage to frames resulting from improper assembly, the use or installation of parts or accessories not compatible with the original intended use of the frame, or the failure to follow the product warnings, installation and usage instructions.

    Damage or deterioration to the surface finish, paint, aesthetics or appearance of the frame (cosmetic blemishes) or damage due to UV ray exposure, sweat or salt air, corrosive mud or other chemicals.

    The labor required to remove parts and/or re-fit and re-adjust the frame covered by this warranty or any product that it is attached to.

    Any costs associated with returning or shipping warranted or non-warranted frames.

    Normal wear to the frame. Components may have symptoms of wear in less than their warranted time frame depending on amount of use, type of use and other conditions. This includes frames that have reached the end of their normal life expectancy before the warranted time frame expires.