NYC to Montreal on a Cooper CX

Posted on Aug 8th 2016

Lynskey customer John Brophy recently took his Cooper CX on an eight day journey from NYC to Montreal. Thought it's not necessarily a touring bike, the Cooper CX is incredibly versatile, and perfect for things like rail trails and rough backroads. John took some great photos (sample below) and wrote an incredible blog entry about his trip, which can be found here.

Everything John loaded on his Cooper CX. Read the full story here.

Cooper CX on the plaza in Albany, NY. Read the full story here.

AZT 300

A couple of weeks ago we posted about Alex Harris, the man behind the Munga, and Xplore. He took one of our Limited Edition M290 Mountain Bikes out to ride the Arizona Trail Race and to scout for the US version of the Munga (Vegas area to SF area, through Death Valley). Alex and his team are [...]

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The Things We Build and the Places They Go.

Most Lynskey riders in the USA would never guess it, but over half of the bikes we build here in Chattanooga, TN wind up in other countries around the world. For us, one of the most interesting and rewarding things about what we do is getting work with customers, shops and distributors around the world. [...]

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Alex Harris and the Arizona Trail Race

If you don't know Alex Harris, he's a South African athlete, speaker, and advocate for living a purpose filled life. He's involved in the expedition company Xplore and the man behind the Munga, billed as the toughest race on earth.He's here in the USA to participate in the Arizona Trail Race beginning April 15th. His ride of choice for [...]

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YESTERDAY WAS PREPARATION FOR TOMORROWWe’ve been building things all our lives. It’s all we’ve ever known. While we built our first titanium bike in 1984, we had been working with titanium long before at our dad’s (Bill Lynskey) machine and weld shop. Dad specialized in custom metal fabrication. He machined and fabricated exotic metals for [...]

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