Titanium Head Tube Badge Anodization Options

Titanium Head Tube Badge Anodization Options

Purple, Navy Blue, Bronze, Sky Blue, Silver


Matte Satin Finish with Black Graphics | Standard

Matte Satin with Black Graphics

Matte Satin is our standard frame finish. It is a flat (no sheen) natural titanium grey finish that is applied using a glass bead-blasting process.

This finish will show fingerprints etc unless maintained by applying aerosol furniture polish. Should your frame become scratched you can ship the frame back to the factory as we do offer a refurbishing service

Industrial Mill Finish with Black Graphics | $130

Industrial Mill with Black Graphics

The Industrial Mill finish is a cross-hatched random grain pattern applied directly to the titanium.

Our Industrial Mill finish is most popular on mountain bikes, gravel bikes, touring bikes, or any situation where the bike will be handled roughly on a regular basis as the random pattern hides scratches.

It is applied by hand using abrasives such as 3M ScotchBrite Sanding Pads of various grades of roughness.

This finish requires minimal maintenance and can be easily refurbished without need to be returned to the factory.

Brushed Finish with Black Graphics | $180

Bright Brushed with Black Graphics

Brushed Finish with Etched Graphics | $425

Bright Brushed with Etched Graphics

Our Brushed finish is considered the “Classic” titanium bike finish and is very aesthetically pleasing. It is a refined grain pattern where the grain is parallel and uniform rather than random like the Industrial Mill finish.

It is applied by hand using abrasives such as 3M ScotchBrite Sanding Pads of various grades of roughness. The Brushed finish requires minimal maintenance.

Mirror Polished Finish with Etched Graphics | $1,000

Mirror Polished with Etched Graphics


Anodized Graphics Package | $300

Available in four color choices: Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, and Bronze.


(Bronze panels example on the R270)


(Purple panels example on the Backroad)


(Purple panels example on the ProGR)


(Bronze example on the Helix Pro Disc)